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Betting Sites In The UK

The Challenges A Betting Site Designer Now Faces

There are more online betting, casino, poker and general gambling websites available to online users than ever before. This scenario brings many options for designing new user interfaces as the user now has much more power at his hands.

With the evolution of technology surging forward at a greater rate day by day and every body becoming more “tech savvy” on a daily basis, the demands on web designers to produce something that will keep the user engaged, yet easy to understand become more challenging.

Children grow up with hand held toys from a very young age nowadays. Children as young as four even having mobile phones, but is even more staggering is that some of these “toys” have more computing power than the machine that took us to the moon and back!!

So it goes without saying that your average computer user or gambler in this case, will know his way round a digital dashboard. This means that they will not be content with just half a dozen big buttons to select which sport, game and odds etc. They will and do want more and more information being thrown at them, these guys can handle it as they grew up with it remember?

People will no longer tolerate simple monotone colour schemes, or drop down boxes that take an age to “drop down” they want speedy interaction with these sites beceuse if you dont give them that, they might miss a fantastic gambling oppertunity or lose some big money, and you know that is not good for you ( the site operator ) in the long run.

Skybet have a very strong foot hold in online gambling in the UK, in fact when it comes to football they are the dominant force as they sponsor the Premiership. You can imagine the amount of money changing hands every week end or everyday for that matter when the footy season gets underway. These big guns have one of the best betting portals around and you can see it in full flow here on their sky super 6 web page, see what we mean?

As you can probably tell, this page is laid out cleanly yet cleverly. There is not too much too distract the user from making his bets, but it still gives him all the information which he will need in order to place the bet he thinks will make him the most cash. The colour shemes are not in your face although they keep your eyes interested enough. In all, we think this SkyBet page is one of the neatest and cleanest around. I also bet (excuse the pun) that it makes Sky Sports earn a lot of revenue.

More Thoughts On Designing A Gambling Website

Given the online gaming boon that is taking place at the moment, it is easy to see why people would be keen to jump on board and have some fun with style of online site. It can be an entertaining activity, but more importantly, it can be a rewarding activity that will provide you with income in the short and long term if you manage to create a successful gaming site. This is why there is an increasing level of interest in knowing how you go about designing a gambling website.

You need a great domain name that is catchy and will stick with players once they hear it. This can be half the battle when building a gambling site, but obviously it is easy to see why it doesn’t seem like one of the most important tasks that you have to take care of. You also want to make sure that you have sufficient web hosting, or at least hosting that can be scaled to grow with you.

These are two crucial elements to have in place before you even start to create a site, but once you have these elements in place, you can begin designing and developing your gambling website. It always makes sense to look at other gambling sites and if there are sites that you admire or appreciate, you should be looking to take ideas on colour, layout and font from them.

Take a look at the screenshot below, as you can see it is from the Ladbrokes website. It clearly shows the visitor what is on offer from the bookmaker and what they need to do in order to reclaim the free bet offer. This is a very neat and functional landing page.

a gret landing page here at ladbrokes

Clearly you want a gambling website that stands out from its peers but equally, there will be elements on a gambling website that work, and it makes sense that you should have these elements available on your own site.

You need an attractive and user friendly home page

The home page is going to be a crucial factor in your gambling site, and it is important to grab attention and make people feel welcome. If you have a particular theme for your website, it is important that this theme is recognisable on the home page, and that it sets the scene for the player. You may just want players to enjoy casino games, which is all the theme that you really need, but if you are going for a specific angle, it is crucial that you incorporate these elements on the home page.

Be sure to ask for advice and opinions before you unleash your site on to the world. It can be possible to become too close to a project, and you may become fixated on certain elements. Obtaining reliable and trustworthy opinions from people you admire will ensure that you receive great feedback that will help you to build a site that is perfect for your needs.

Is your gambling website responsive?

One important element to consider is the responsiveness of the site, because mobile gambling is becoming increasingly important. With more and more people looking to gain access to their favourite sites via their smartphone or tablet devices, you want to make sure that you provide a gambling site that is suitable for their needs. As more and more people pursue the mobile option, this is something that will become increasingly important for gambling website operators.

You will also need to ensure that you have a secure site, with plenty of contact options for your gamers. In an ideal world, there won’t be any problems that people need to contact you with, but in the real world, this is unlikely to be the case. Providing easy and convenient ways to be contacted will ensure that people have a greater level of confidence in what you offer, making it more likely that they will use your site.

There is also the fact that you need to bear in mind the licencing requirements for online gambling and gaming. Taking the time to make sure that you comply with the legal requirements is essential if you want a long term gambling site.